Our Lightbulb Moment

The idea for Fortior Insight Ltd was always there for Jonathan Walsh, however, the timing never seemed right. There was always something else that took precedence.

Travelling on a flight back from London to Belfast after another successful day of meetings, Jonathan once again contemplated what made some businesses grow and prosper whilst others stagnated and eventually failed.

Personal experience had shown Jonathan that it wasn’t that these businesses lacked resources or had bad teams behind them; nor was there a shortage of support that they could call upon.

They simply hadn’t known what support was out there or they had managed to get bogged down with the small stuff and had lost focus on the business fundamentals. One small change could have made all the difference between success and failure.

Over the years, Jonathan had built a team of experienced business professionals and mentors around him. He had worked around the world and seen that despite the differences in cultures, all business face similar challenges. An opportunity was often hidden in those challenges.

Fortior Insight Ltd was born

Established with one core purpose; to help your business succeed by leveraging our combined commercial acumen with your personal business knowledge, Fortior Insight Ltd has brought together a team of business professionals who all share the same intrinsic values of loyalty, efficiency, integrity and innovation.

We like to keep things simple and focused on your business. We won’t get over theoretical like some of the big consultancies and if we don’t see how we can add real value, we won’t take on an assignment.

That flight home took Jonathan much further than just back to Belfast. It was also the start of the journey for Fortior Insight Ltd. A journey that we’d love to share with you and your business.

Together. We make your business stronger.

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