Fortior Insight Ltd was founded out of a passion for engagement and partnership; a relationship based approach to helping businesses to grow.

Each member of our team brings unique but complementary skill-sets that are often needed in unison by our client base.


“Hire in a need, not a role”

Typical projects that clients will come to us for are as follows:

  • building an effective business model (business process modeling and structure)
  • completing a business audit,
  • understanding stalling revenue growth,
  • growth management,
  • scenario & contingency planning (for example, post BREXIT or dealing with the new reality post Covid-19)
  • developing a marketing strategy,
  • Carrying out a customer and/or competitor analysis
  • building a social media campaign,
  • managing a technology project,
  • preparing for ISO accreditation,
  • renegotiating existing contracts and/or agreeing on new ones.

Fortior Insight provides our clients with Prince2 and Agile certified Project Managers, Business Analysts, Marketing Executives, ISO Coordinators and Management Consultants.

When a project covers a range of business functions, we can tailor our engagement around agreed milestones assigned to specific Fortior Insight executives. The overall project will then be managed by a Principal of FI.

In addition to a core team, Fortior Insight Ltd have access to Legal Advisers, HR Experts, H&S Officers, Insurance Professionals, Web-Developers, Branding Specialists and Digital Marketing Experts.


“Identify, Apply and Aquire”

We work with Fortior Insight clients to produce realistic financial assumptions and projections, build financial models and develop budgets.

Fortior Insight Ltd is experienced in identifying and securing financial support packages for high-potential start-ups and established businesses. Often this support hasn’t been widely publicised or subscribed to.

We will never guarantee a client that they will be eligible for grant aid or that their application will be successful.

Sometimes businesses aren’t sure where to start when it comes to applying for commercial loans to fund business expansion or to restructure existing commitments. Sometimes businesses aren’t able to (or don’t wish to) access finance from the traditional high-street lenders.

Fortior Insight Ltd has partnered with a select group of commercial lenders as well as establishing a strong relationship with one of the leading peer-to-peer marketplaces in Europe.

We can assist our clients with the preparation of the necessary business plans and financial reports and then match them with trusted providers to get the business finance they require.

We have also partnered with a Chartered Accountancy firm who can assist Client companies claim R&D Tax Credits ensuring they get back everything that they are entitled to.


“Building ‘Human Capital’ Led Connections Globally”

Fortior Insight Ltd provides our clients with real connections to the global marketplace, whether they are:

  • seeking international partners,
  • sourcing suppliers (materials/machinery/products),
  • entering new markets,
  • shipping cargos (bulk or containers),
  • requiring international accreditations,
  • International companies wishing to enter the UK/Irish Marketplace.


“Strategic Recruitment backed up by a Strong Development Plan”

Specifically focusing on the executive needs of a company, Fortior Insight assist our clients with the preparation and recruitment of senior staff. Our role, however, does not stop there.

Executive development is a critical aspect of any organisation but often it is the one element that gets overlooked. There are major challenges facing leaders today who seek to shape organisations.

Fortior Insight Ltd can support a business by providing access to a highly experienced leadership coach to enable the new recruit (and the full SMT) to continue to develop by putting their ideas into action and challenging them to explore new solutions to old issues.

New problems require new models of leadership and this, in turn, means that leaders have to constantly make adjustments to remain relevant and effective. Leaders need to have a raft of strategies to lead in an agile environment and remain authentic and true to their values.

In addition, Fortior Insight can supply:

  • Prince2 and/or Agile qualified Project Managers,
  • Interim Managers tasked with:
    • developing new business,
    • steering change or transformation in an organisation,
    • ensuring continuity  following the departure of a senior team member,
    • putting structures in place for a new high potential start-up,
    • managing a merger, acquisition or takeover,
    • other specialist skill-sets not currently available within the business.

We understand business and can provide interim leadership in General Management, Procurement, Marketing or Sales disciplines.


Fortior Insight can provide our clients with access to Associates who work in Data Security, Data Recovery and Data Analysis, as well as Software Engineers and Web Developers.

Adhoc Assignments

In addition to the core services above, Fortior Insight can provide consultants across a range of other business services. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.