Since the United Kingdom left the European Union on the 31 of December 2020, Northern Ireland has continued to enjoy unfettered dual access to both the internal U.K. market and the EU market for the purchase and sale of goods.

This unique access to two separate marketplaces was agreed as part of the Withdrawal Agreement, under the Ireland Northern Ireland Protocol – and secured under the recent Windsor Framework.

Fortior Insight Ltd will be running two-day classroom-based training workshops at venues across Northern Ireland, Great Britain, Ireland and in continental Europe, to provide course participants with an understanding of the key trade and customs processes to be considered when moving goods in, through and/or out of Northern Ireland under the Northern Ireland Protocol and Windsor Framework arrangements.

The second day of the two-day training workshop will be dedicated to completing Import (using both Supplementary Declarations and Full Frontier Declarations) and Safety & Security Declarations through the (free-to-use) Trader Support Service for consignments moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland and from RoW to Northern Ireland – which are then considered in free circulation in Northern Ireland, the U.K. and the EU and can therefore be moved without any further customs or regulatory obligations or tariffs into either market.

Cost of the course will be £250/€300 + VAT and includes (electronic) copies of all resources 

Download our Programme Overview: Trading Cross-Border under the NI Protocol here

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